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#NaNoWri War Z, Hugh Howey Must Die

#NaNoWri War Z, Hugh Howey Must Die - Michael Bunker This story is the icing on top of an Indie cake. What a hoot! I have to confess that the whole #NaNoWriWee thing was confusing to me a year ago. Since I couldn't pronounce it, I glossed over all mentions of it. Shallow, I know, but the whole indie publishing scene was new to me. I was so busy reading it, I didn't have time to care about it's back story.
Anyway, back to the book, #NaNoWriWee War Z. I had a smile, a smirk, and a snicker on my face the whole time reading it. I was used to the author's rather serious subjects, so this one was a delightful surprise.
I started to gallop through the laughs, but found that I was missing the craft in it. Michael Bunker is a craftsman and a word smith . I slowed down my reading just to be able to enjoy the way this man puts words together. What a joy. This is one of those books that you want climb on top of a tall building and shout to everyone how good it is. Worth ten times the price!